Book Review: The Mystery of Alice by Lee Bacon

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Book Review

The Mystery of Alice is an Audible exclusive. It’s written in “vlog” style, and is narrated just perfectly. I absolutely loved it, and got to enjoy it while going the long way to see my friend. Featured image: some views along the non-flooded road on my detour.

I thought this book was so fun. A young adult novel with a mystery at the core of it. At first, I was wary of the vlog style because I don’t typically like it, but I thought it really worked for the story, and the narration was really just outstandingly done!

However, I had to take away one star because I am supposed to somehow believe that these characters are in middle school?? I just couldn’t get behind that. I thought they seemed immature at times–like when the main character invents new words for her dictionary–but even a high schooler could do that, especially one who is a self-described dork. I would have liked this book sooo much better if it was supposed to be high school instead of middle school. I kept thinking “there’s no way these kids are only in middle school” all the way until the very end, and after even!

Anyway, this book is absolutely worth the read…er, worth the listen, and I do suggest it! I liked the ending–while I thought it was a bit far fetched, it was still surprising and good. But mainly, I enjoyed listening to the book. It was a really fun read that made my drive go much faster. Thanks, Audible!


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