Book Review: Tempting Fate by Jane Green

The biggest mistake any of us can make is to keep secrets. They always come out in the end, and it is the unspoken that causes the most problems.

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Book Review

As I was doing my review, I learned that Tempting Fate is about to become a Lifetime movie! Interesting…adding that to my “to watch” list for sure.


I can’t write this review without spoilers. I hated the premise. I disliked the characters. But, I enjoyed the writing, and I read it in one day. So, I’m pretty conflicted about this book. Our main heroine, Gabby, is a middle-aged housewife. She is married to a nearly perfect man, Elliott, but is having a “midlife crisis”. She feels down about herself, is stuck in routine, never spends time on herself or regards herself as beautiful. She wants nothing more than another child, but Elliott has gotten a vasectomy against her wishes, which bothers her more than she will admit. As readers, we know this because it keeps being mentioned over and over.

One night, Gabby is “forced” to go on a night out with her friends, and finds herself in the interest of a much younger man–Matt. They spend the night together, fairly innocently (although they flirt a ton, they don’t touch), and exchange emails. She thinks the worst is over–thank god she didn’t do anything!–and then an email comes through. Intoxicated by feeling young and beautiful again, especially in the eyes of such a young, successful, handsome hunk, Gabby embarks in an obsessive emotional relationship, frantically checking for new emails, flirting, and investing in her beauty in ways she never has before.

Matt comes back to town and they have relations one time. Keep in mind, Gabby is in her forties. She feels horrible about her slip and tells him she no longer wants to talk to him, and throws herself back into her family and trying to remedy what she has done. However, there’s permanent evidence of her unfaithfulness in the form of a BABY. Let me repeat that…a baby. At forty. After one time of sex…. What horrible luck, right?

Anyway, everything blows up, her kids are mad, her husband thinks he can’t ever forgive her only because a baby is involved. He literally says, if there was no baby, it would probably be fine. Which just seems weird. As readers, you journey with the adults as they struggle to figure out friendships after a scandal, and healing after such a major crack in their relationship. They both move on. Elliott dates Gabby’s mortal enemy, Trish. Gabby meets another guy on a “forced” outing who also happens to hate “forced outings”. This woman’s luck in meeting men on forced outings is truly unparalleled, so clearly she is much more beautiful than she thinks. Anyway, all this only to find out their love can overcome it, and they eventually get back together. I RUINED IT. SORRY. I can’t help but just lay it out so you at least know what you are getting into if you pick this up.

I still thought the characters were well-developed (although I disliked them, they felt realistic), and the book was a good read. Like I said, I finished it in a day, so clearly I enjoyed it.


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