Book Review: Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi

What if I told you that that which makes you fundamentally human is something that you share with another people, a people so different from you that they might appear strange or frightening at first glance. A people who might terrify you from appearance alone. Could you make the jump, and understand that inside, they are not so different at all?

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Book Review

I listened Agent to the Stars on Audible, so I don’t have a lovely book cover to use as a photo here, but who knows what could be up in that sky after reading this book! Now, I will say, this book is again way outside of my comfort zone and a really random one I picked up to read. I kinda ended up loving it though–there were strikingly original and crazy ideas from the author, and the voice was refreshingly done and I could hear the main character’s sarcasm and wit coming through. Part of that might be because of the fact that I listened to the book and the narrator was really good at that voice, but I also know if I read it, I would have felt the same way.

This book mixed aliens with Hollywood. Two things that seem to have nothing in common, but Scalzi explains it like it is a complete no-brainer. What shapes society more than anything else? Hollywood. What type of documents and films do we have that can be transmitted and produced to someone who may not be from this world? What would aliens probably want to use to introduce themselves to society?

Anyway, I thought this was a fun read. Definitely eclectic and interesting, and strikingly original, like I said before. It wasn’t a book that consumed me to no end, but it was something that I enjoyed reading and found interesting, funny, and at times, made me think a little bit deeper about movie stars, aliens, and possibilities.


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