Book Review: What The Wind Knows by Amy Harmon

I know the novelty will wear off, and life will intrude before long. But it is not the newness of her, the newness of us, that has captured me. It is the opposite. It is as if we always were and always will be, as though our love and our lives sprang from the same source and will return to that source in the end, interwined and indistinguishable. We are ancient. Prehistoric and predestined.

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Book Review

I love Ireland, I love historical fiction, and I love time travel. So, this book was a sure winner for me. However, two things of personal preference got in the way of pure enjoyment. And this is purely a personal preference so if you don’t mind these things, then you’ll love this book! Because even though they bothered me a bit, I was still deeply enchanted by the writing, the characters, and the plot.

Number 1: I am too much of a science fiction nerd to simply accept time travel in a basic form. Harmon used time travel as an accessory to this book, and as readers we were supposed to just accept it as part of the story and not wonder about the details of it. As a nerd of science fiction, I didn’t like the fact that a lot of time travel laws were broken and ignored, and I had a hard time just accepting how it was laid out.

Number 2: A tiny bit heavy on historical events and happenings for me. I found myself a little bored with Thomas’s diary, because it was like reading a straight history book at times. I guess that’s why Anne fell for him, because I would definitely find him a bit of a snooze! But, they were perfect for each other.

Besides these two items, I loved this book–I cried, I was joyful, I was confused at times, but overall, by the end of it, I was satisfied. Definitely something that I am glad I read, and something that I suggest you pick up next!



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