Book Review: The Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury by Marc Levy

You know, love at first sight only exists in books. In real life, feelings grow slowly, the way one builds a house, stone by stone.

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Book Review

Marc Levy does it again! I enjoyed the last book I read by him, P.S. From Paris. So, I already had high expectations… and they were met! I was absolutely charmed by the Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury. From the moment I met Alice, to being brought along on her mysterious journey, I was enchanted! I loved the whimsical feel to this novel, the charming characters, the beautiful, picturesque settings, and just everything about this book to be honest!

I loved being with Alice in every step of her journey, and watching her grow as a character. I found the ending slightly predictable, but enjoyable all the same. As a quick synopsis, Alice is a fun-loving perfume maker, who lives next to a grumpy neighbor. Through a series of events, she meets a fortune teller. Although Alice doesn’t believe in fortune tellers, there is something… uncanny… about the one she sees, and it bothers her more than she expected. Throughout the book, we follow Alice on her journey to figure out just what the fortune teller was trying to tell her.

Whimsical, charming, heartwarming… this book blew me away. I listened to this and used whispersync to read the rest of it, because I wasn’t patient enough to wait for the ending! Clearly, I highly recommend this book! And, if you have Kindle Unlimited, it is included! Grab it now… seriously!


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