Book Review: Sphere by Michael Crichton

“We are, in reality, terribly frail animals. And we don’t like to be reminded of how frail we are–how delicate the balances are inside our own bodies, how short our stay on Earth, and how easily it is ended.”

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Well, Michael Crichton is starting to become one of my favorite authors. His plotlines are so creative, and he executes them pretty well. This book was no exception, in my mind, to the standard I have started to hold him to!

Throughout this book’s journey, I was hooked. I mean, the ideas he comes up with are simply fantastic and so original in my mind. Synopsis: A sphere is found underwater, and a group of qualified people are sent to investigate it. They are in no way prepared for what happens next, and neither was I!

I don’t want to say too much to give anything away, but the only things that annoyed me out of this book were two things. I thought the women characters were written poorly. Although he made the main woman, Beth, smart, he also made her emotionally unstable and a bit of a sexual object, particularly towards the end of the book, which irritated me. I feel like in real life, Beth would have had much more depth and would never do some of the things he had written. I also found some typos, including switching to first person for a couple of sentences instead of third and switching a character’s name once. But I dismissed these irritations due to me really enjoying the plot line.

Some of the facts sprinkled into the book were fascinating, and I truly hope they are factual and not something he made up, because I am taking them as truth. Yes, I know I can google it but I am too lazy to do that. Most of the book is set far, far underwater and I feel as if I really learned some things about the deep ocean which was fascinating. For example, the most toxic creatures of the world are water creatures! And this is due to the ocean being an older living environment. Let me just nerd out for a bit over this and the other things I have learned while reading this book.

Anyway, off to pick up another book by him, and I highly recommend Sphere! You won’t guess the ending, and it will definitely leave you thinking.


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