Book Review: The Party by Robyn Harding

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Phew. This is a heavy one. But, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Told by the point of view of four characters, it really shows how one night can change lives.

QUICK SYNOPSIS: A perfect family. A sweet sixteen. One terrible accident. What really happened that night and how will those involved deal with the repercussions of some truly terrible events?

The Party was dark. Twisted. Honest. Chilling. No matter how good something looks from the outside, everyone has secrets. And some truly just don’t learn. I mentioned this in my other review, but this sixteen year old character is so much more mature than the one in To All The Boys I’ve Lived Before. The problems and characters here were so much more real. And this definitely isn’t something I’d recommend as a young adult novel.

The character development in this novel was well set. Each of the narrators changed by what happened that night. Each of them dealt with it in different ways. The only thing I critique is that I didn’t feel like seeing Lisa’s point of view was very insightful. She didn’t seem to have as many chapters and it could have gone without her narration. I also didn’t see the point of some of the other characters. I’m a big believer that every character should serve a purpose and some of these seemed like they didn’t have much.

This was a chilling read. It really makes you think about your decisions. And makes you think about your life and how stable it really is…. I would recommend this novel, but it definitely gets dark!


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  1. Great review! I just finished this one!


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