Book Review: House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds

You are a bookworm who has tunneled through the pages of history. Is that not so?

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House of Suns is classified as a “space opera”. While I have definitely been on a science fiction kick, this one was completely different than any of my recent reads. Reynolds builds a completely different universe in this novel and does it beautifully. It was a book completely out of my comfort zone–but I absolutely loved it! At first, I was concerned because it just seemed… so far out there. But as I kept reading, I got sucked into the story more and more and ended up loving it.

QUICK SYNOPSIS: Over six million years ago, a woman named Abigail Gentian created clones of herself to go experience the universe. Now, someone or something is determined to wipe the Gentian line out. Campion and Purslane must work together with the remaining members of their line to figure out who (or what) is trying to take them out, and most importantly, why.

House of Suns was riddled with amazing stroke-of-genius quotes, science, possibilities, romance, different creatures, mystery and so much more. The world Reynolds built is massive–incomprehensible almost. Even so, with a world that is beyond imagination, the plot of this book moved along nicely and the massive size of the world didn’t take away from the story. He balanced it really well.

One huge theme of the novel was time, your own personal reality, and humanity and how it can change your viewpoint and ultimately your decisions. Not only did the story literally transport me into the unknown universe where anything is possible, it also gave me quite a few things to ponder.

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something a little different and outside of their “book comfort zone”, or to anyone who already likes space operas and wants another book to read. I couldn’t find this book in print anywhere, but I did find it for Kindle.


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