Book Review: Children of Eden by Joey Graceffa

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Book Review

I listened to Children of Eden on Audible. Full disclosure, I have no idea who Joey Graceffa is and have never watched a video by him, I only knew he was a YouTuber after I rated the book on Goodreads and read a couple reviews to see what other people thought as well. Knowing that is interesting, but doesn’t change my views on the book at all.

QUICK SYNOPSIS: The Earth has been destroyed and Eden is the only habitable place where humans can live. Outside this area, there is only a wasteland of inhabitable Earth. But, Eden isn’t so perfect, as Rowan well knows as a forbidden second child who has lived her life in hiding.

This book was good. It kept my interest the whole time and I thought the plot was pretty good. I liked some of the characters, but others I questioned a little. Rowan, as a child who had been isolated all her life, irritated me at times. Her decisions were sometimes questionable, and I was annoyed with her for a chunk of the book. But, she had her redeeming qualities for sure.

I thought this was a fun read with enough movement and excitement to keep me interested, but it wasn’t one I was engrossed in so much that I listened to it nonstop. It took me a couple of weeks to finish this book. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a dystopian novel that has a refreshing twist.


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