Book Review: The Killing Time by M J Lee

In a world filled with chaos, it is our job to bring a semblance of order.

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I haven’t read a book like The Killing Time in a long while! Let me first say it is the fourth in a series, which I didn’t know before picking it up. I honestly don’t think it made me like the book any less. The author gave enough background for a new reader to understand what was going on and what big events had previously happened. Although, it did make me want to know more detail about what was alluded to, so I probably should go back and read the ones that came before this.

Anyway, straight to the review. This book transported me to a different world. Shanghai. 1932. I knew virtually nothing about that time period before picking up this book. Now I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit about it. I enjoyed the setting of the book. Reading this made me feel transported to a different world and also taught me a lot, giving me insights into the world of Shanghai in 1932. I enjoyed the characters, as they were flawed yet smart, and also believable.

Finally, the actual story was dark and twisted, but with an ending that was fairly satisfying. I wouldn’t say this is one of those life-changing books (which are few and far between anyway), but it’s a good book for when you’re in the mood to think, “What is WRONG with people?” and to really contemplate the evil in the world.

Honestly, if I had to compare the book to anything, it probably reminded me a bit of Sherlock Holmes. It was a twisty memory with a moody detective who needed to be alone to think. The detective has some issues, definitely. But, he is a good detective. Far better than I would be, that’s for sure. I had all of the clues and didn’t get anywhere close to figuring it out!

Thanks to NetGalley for providing a free copy of the book for an honest review!


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