Book Review: Three Little Lies by Laura Marshall

I am safe. I probably always was safe. Unless… unless I have never been safe.

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Book Review

Three Little Lies by Laura Marshall was a fast-paced thriller that gave me a sense of unease through the entire book. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough! Ellen’s best friend from her teenage years goes missing. In her desperate search to find her, Ellen uncovers a lot more than she ever expected.

Ellen is a bit…dramatic. I have a hard time getting on her side because she seems a bit off. I can’t quite put my finger on why I have a problem with her, but I do. I think it is odd that she was so young and not very concerned about boys. Maybe I’m saying that because she seems to judge Karina so hard and acts like she is an embarrassment after she meets Sasha. Also maybe I’m saying that because when I was a teenage girl I was obsessed with boys, so I can relate closer to Karina’s outlook on boys than Ellen or Sasha.

Marshall paints Sasha as the epitome of a “cool girl”. Ellen immediately becomes high and mighty and stops being nice to Karina once Sasha comes along and becomes her friend. I guess that is written pretty realistically for teenagers, actually. Anyway, even with Ellen bothering me the whole time, this novel was really good. It was a twisty novel that had me trusting absolutely no one. Everyone seemed to be hiding something, and everyone seemed pretty sketchy. I thought I had figured out the ending–but I was definitely incorrect! So, the end twist was absolutely satisfying for me. It was along the lines of what I expected, but was executed very well!

Apparently, Laura Marshall has written another book called Friend Request. I think I need to pick that one up next! If you’re interested in this book, it is available for pre-order! As a trigger warning, it does revolve around a rape trial and has some sensitive content.


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