Book Review: Pines by Blake Crouch

Nature doesn’t see things as good or bad. It awards efficiency.

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Book Review

Man, I wish I hadn’t watched the show already! Pines was really good, but my imagination was having a hard time painting the picture for me because I have watched the show, and all I could see in my mind’s eye were those characters and chains of events. I broke my rule: read the book before watching the on-screen adaptation. And I paid for it!

This book is a bit more violent than I expected it to be, as well. There are some scenes that made me cringe. I listened to this book on audible and was hooked on it for quite a while. I think if you have not watched the TV show, you will enjoy the book quite a bit more. However, do keep in mind it is violent and is very much a male-written read. The main character is about what you would expect from a strong male character.

I honestly don’t have much more to say about this book. The show followed the book pretty closely, so since I already ruined the books for myself, I may just stick with the show. They took the very important parts of the book, changed them a little, and adapted. I love the idea behind the book and think it’s pretty interesting and is a pretty unique idea, so I’m interested to see where the story leads. I may have to finish out the books and just stop watching the show until I read the other books; that could be a better route!

I recommend this if you are in the mood for a science fiction novel with a strong male character and a bit of cringe-worthy violence. I personally have to be in the right mood for a strong male character because their one-track mind and actions tend to annoy me.


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