Book Review: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

For a bunch of hairless apes, we’ve actually managed to invent some pretty incredible things. Computers. Medicine. Lasers. Microwave ovens. Artificial hearts. Atomic bombs. 

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Book Review

As you all know, Ready Player One has recently come out in theaters, so obviously I needed to get the book read as soon as possible. I loved it! It was fast paced, interesting, and really had my imagination going. This was a book I wanted to read at stoplights in order to know what happened next! I couldn’t stand to wait until the end of the book. I stayed up really late, which is hard for me, but I had to for the sake of knowing what happened next! I also had dreams as if I was in the book, the OASIS was so well described that I guess my mind took the liberty of putting it in my dreams!

Overall, Ready Player One was fast paced, well written, the world so well described it was ingrained in my mind, but there was a few things I didn’t like which made me take away the one star.

The book seemed to rely a lot on the 80’s pop culture references. I obviously (as a 90’s baby) didn’t get every one, but I can definitely see the appeal if you did live through that time. But, sometimes the detail was a bit too much, and I found my eyes glazing over in part of it. I may have… skimmed (GASP! I know, a sin!) over a few parts that just went into too much pop culture references. And, I felt okay with this decision.

The other problem I had was that everything seemed to work out a little too well for Wade. He seemed to hardly have to try for anything, which was annoying in a way. Things don’t ever work out that well. Especially when he went into the real world and had to socialize and such, I found myself wanting him to be a lot more awkward because it seemed, to me, that he lived exclusively in the OASIS and real world is different than the OASIS. Also, I don’t know where he picked up all this knowledge he possess, but it was annoying that he just somehow already knew everything, from the 80’s pop culture to hacking intricate systems. I get that he watched things in the library and played games with his friend for the 80’s items, but how did he learn how to hack systems? Not sure.

But, other than that, this book was INTENSE. Keep it up, Ernest. You’ve definitely got a fan here. I’d like to read some of his other books next!


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