Book Review: After She Vanished by S.A. Dunphy

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Book Review

I recently went on a trip to Ireland, and what kind of book blogger would I be if I didn’t buy a novel written by an Irish author? So, after spending some painstaking time at a bookstore in Ireland, trying to narrow my choice down to one single read, I settled on a book described as “Cracking”, and ended up with After She Vanished by S.A. Dunphy.

First of all, I absolutely loved reading this on my trip, because the places mentioned, I could picture in my head! How fun is that! I also really enjoyed how the characters are different than what you see in most books. For example, the main character, Dunnigan, is practically overcome with grief, and has OCD. Diane is an ex-army widow, who is a complete bad-ass. Father Bill is another BA character, who is a priest with a dark side. And then we have Miley, who is a very lovable late 20’s man with Down Syndrome. All these characters come together to create a great “cast” of the book, and their lives intersect at just the right moment.

This is the first book of a series, so the only reason I rated it down is because I wanted to know what happened to Beth, and a lot of this book really doesn’t apply to the main problem at all. I guess if I knew it was the start of a series I would have been more emotionally prepared for no closure. I suppose that means I will jsut have to read the next one in the series!

With unique characters you grow to love, and a suspenseful, twisty mystery, this debut is really well done. I love the authentic feel this book has to it, and really enjoy the character development of Dunnigan throughout the novel. It’s really great to see unique characters executed so well. I do recommend this book for anyone looking for a thriller with unique characters and settings.


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