Book Review: The Broken Girls by Simone St. James


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Book Review

**This book is not released until March 20, 2018. I recommend a pre-order now!**

The Broken Girls contained the perfect amount of creepy, suspenseful, and delightful! I loved it. A mix of an old haunted boarding school, recent murders, and a journalist determined to track down some answers.

The book flipped between the point of view of the freelance journalist, Fiona, and then four boarding school students around the 1950’s. While I was reading, I vaguely wondered how do these stories finally come together? But, I loved both story lines and it came together seamlessly in the end.

There’s a paranormal element of ghosts in the book, which I always enjoy, but it wasn’t overly creepy, if you are worried about that. It wasn’t a major theme of the book, but it was definitely present and important to the story line.

Honestly, this book was quite the perfect mix of suspense, paranormal, and just plain good. I really enjoyed it! The only reason I am rating it a 3.5 is because I rated One of Us is Lying a 3.5, and I really enjoyed that book. A 3.5 might be my new standard rating, actually. It is definitely a good book, but didn’t totally blow me away and had a couple of things that bothered me.

At first, I hated that Fiona was a journalist who was dating a cop. This is overused in books like this. Either they are dating a cop, sleeping with a cop, or buddy-buddy with a cop. I think that this relationship redeemed itself over the course of the book, though. I did have a couple of questions at the end and some things that I thought could have been added and really added to the overall book. I thought some characters could have used a bit more development. Just a few things were left open that I want closure on. Overall, a great book that I definitely recommend.

Check The Broken Girls out!


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