Book Review: One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

If people didn’t lie and cheat, I’d be out of business.

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Book Review

One of Us Is Lying is a really good book; I tore through it pretty quickly. Think Gossip Girl with murder involved, and lots and lots of delicious secrets. Can we talk about how the inside of the cover says to pay close attention and you might figure it out? So, me being the wanna-be detective that I am (heck, I’ve read so many crime mysteries you’d think I’d have seen it all at this point), I decided that I would 100% have this figured out by the end of the book. And, I totally did. I am basically a genius. I also figured out some of the other lies way before it was an open fact, so again more proof that I am indeed detective ready. Ha!

Even though I had it figured out, I still have some questions that are left a bit open for me, ones I can’t list here for sake of not ruining things for potential readers of this novel. I was teetering between rating it a 3.5 or a 4, but I landed on 3.5 for a few reasons. One, the stereotypes are almost painful. Ask anyone, I love a good high school story line. I have been known to re-watch High School Musical too many times to count, but, the stereotypes here hurt me a little. Two, I did actually somehow happen to guess almost every single twist and turn. Not sure if I’m just a genius or if it was easy to figure out…. And three, the ending was just okay and there were a few plot holes I couldn’t quite get over.

All in all, I still absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it! It was such a fun read, and it is a fresh take on stories that have been over-told. I really liked it. It was a quick read, and I grew to love each of the characters, and loved seeing the development of each character throughout the book. I highly suggest reading One of Us Is Lying. Try to figure it out! Hey, but if you do figure it out, you need to let me know, because right now I’m about to go apply for some detective jobs… I definitely need my bubble burst a little here.


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