Book Review: The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

“In Alaska you can make one mistake. One. The second one will kill you.”

Book Review


Book Rating

Ok, so disclaimer: Kristin Hannah has always been my favorite author, hands down. I have read every single book she has written that I can find and loved every one of them. Her books are definitely my go-to gift idea as well. But, I have extremely high expectations when it comes to her. I can’t have just some mediocre book if it’s written by Kristin Hannah. Don’t worry, this book did not disappoint.

Hannah has done it again with The Great Alone. My, ohhh my. I laughed; I worried; I sobbed. And when I say I sobbed…. I mean sobbed. I sat on my couch while my husband watched basketball, and I “ugly cried.” Loudly. Completely absorbed in the book. He was quite concerned. If you want a book that will sweep you away, characters that you feel like you know, a setting described so well you can feel it and picture it, and a story line that keeps you turning the pages, this is the book for you. I feel like I know these characters so well, and I honestly wish I did know them in real life. Living in Alaska in the 1970’s is no easy feat. You have to be a survivor. And these strong ladies (and men) are just that: survivors.

I can’t keep talking about this without giving something away, but…. if you feel like getting your heart shattered to a million pieces and crying yourself to sleep, but somehow loving it, please read this. And then talk to me about it, because I need to share my emotional burden after reading this book. I am definitely going to have to process this before diving into another book right away. And here, after my sobbing episode, I’ve got my husband looking at me like I’m about to explode, saying: “What book are you reading next? Hopefully it isn’t sad…” Ha! But seriously, read this book.


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