Book Review: Slade House by David Mitchell

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Book Review

I’m honestly not quite sure what to think of Slade House. I’ll admit, I am new to David Mitchell’s work, although I’ve heard a bit about him. I haven’t read anything about him, so I am coming in blind. This book is a bunch of short stories tied together. Some overlap, some seem very stand-alone.

Slade House had an interesting concept–an eerie, haunted house feel. Every story I thought would eventually come full circle, but they didn’t quite do that for me. I liked how as you read each chapter, each story, you learned more about what was really going on.

It was a good, short read. A fun, eerie novel that was unlike anything I’ve read in quite a while. I would recommend this for someone who wants a book that is a little bit shorter (238 pages) and inventive. A story unlike any other I have ever read, that is for sure! It was a nice escape for a while.


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