Book Review: The Wife Between Us

“Even when I’m not there, I’m always with you.”

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Book Review

Wow…this book took me for quite the spin! It was the perfect book with a little wine and a comfortable bed. The book itself warned me to “assume nothing”, but naturally I assumed away with this book, because that’s just what I do while I read. I was wrong about so much! At the pivotal moments, I found myself reading with my mouth wide open. I am sure my husband was annoyed with me because I was heads down reading while we were on a lovely, scenic vacation!

The Wife Between Us was written by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. I am not sure how two people pulled off writing a book that so seamlessly fit together. There were so many twists and turns that I couldn’t keep track of them all! The final one left my head spinning. I would have liked a bit more foreshadowing or some more clues to look back on the book and think “Oh! I should have known!”

This book had me questioning everything, I was sneaking glances at my husband thinking, “Thank goodness I picked you!” In this book, you realize that even those closest to you, you may not know quite as well as you think…

I highly recommend The Wife Between Us if you’re looking for a bone-chilling thriller. There are some sensitive topics in this book, as a warning before you read it!


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