Book Review: Snow Falling by Jane Villanueva

“You are young. You cannot comprehend yet how fast the time goes.”

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For those of you who may not know me, let me just tell you that I am a HUGE Jane the Virgin fan. I used to watch telenovas with my abuela growing up when I went to visit, so they have a special place in my heart. So, my sister got me the book that Jane writes in Jane the Virgin, Snow Falling, and I was STOKED. Naturally, I blew through it in a day. A couple of takeaways here:

  1. Is this a publicity stunt by the show? Genuinely couldn’t figure it out. If so, who wrote it?! I’m so confused. **UPDATE: I found out that it is a publicity stunt in a way; it’s fantasy seeping into reality, meant to make the show seem more real. Read about it here!**
  2. Obviously, it had a ton of ties to the show. Basically mirrored the show, but in the 1900s.
  3. They tried to make it sound like it was in the 1900s, but I never really felt like it was in that time period. Maybe because I watched the show and all I could see was a written version of the show.

Overall, it wasn’t anything super outstanding or revolutionary but if you like Jane the Virgin like I do, go check it out!! It was a quick read, and even though I knew what was happening the whole time (you see the show, you basically know what happens), I still really enjoyed it! I really liked the idea that I was reading a book that the main character from my favorite show wrote. Fantasy seeping into reality is always very refreshing and it was amazing to feel like I was in the setting of the show, if only for a few hours.


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