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Book Review: Bonfire by Krysten Ritter


“There are the people of the world who squeeze, and the ones who suffocate.”

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I had my doubts on this one, I truly did. Krysten Ritter, the beloved Jessica Jones, The B in Apartment 23, writing a novel? Nah, it can’t be that good right? I feel like everyone has the one thing they excel at, and it can’t be that shes an outstanding actress and novelist. Boy, was I wrong. After I got over the initial hump of trying to read it in the voice of Jessica Jones, I got sucked into the world Bonfire built in Barrens Indiana, the small town with secrets.

Whew, some heavy stuff though, I’ll warn you of that. Bonfire isn’t a PG-rated novel. Conspiracies, missing girls, high school cruelties, death, illness, etc… It gets into quite a bit of heavy subject matter. The narrator Abby is outstandingly written, she’s from the town originally, but moved away to forget her past. She has become a lawyer and returns to investigate a case. She’s got her flaws, but it’s not enough to drive me insane like some of the books I’ve been reading recently. She tenacious. She holds grudges. She gets the job done. This one is personal, so she seems more invested in it than normal.

Guys, I have to highly recommend this book. I’m pretty blown away by it! I was just saying how I think I am getting to the point where I have to stop reading thrillers because I guess the ending, right? Well, this one I didn’t get. The narrator got so invested in the case she became almost unreliable, you couldn’t trust anything she said, which added an amazing layer of complexity to the story. Ah, just go get it and you’ll see what I’m talking about… I don’t want to give too much away! Bonfire is definitely worth the read!