Book Review: The Secrets You Keep by Kate White

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Book Review

I always feel bad giving bad reviews, but I promise honesty on this blog, so here goes. Well, I couldn’t get into this book. The Secrets You Keep had a good premise, but I simply couldn’t find a single thing to connect with the narrator on. She was completely paranoid. I found myself rolling my eyes at her constantly, honestly, she drove me batty. She focused on the completely wrong things, like oh, she found a dead body? NBD, but her husband had seemingly innocent drinks with someone, now that’s a big deal. The very things she complained her husband was doing, she did herself, but even worse. She was ready to divorce him for having drinks with a woman at a bar, and yet she had drinks with a man alone in her home. She married her husband extremely quick, with a long distance relationship, and is shocked to find out he had secrets he hadn’t told her about. Surprise!

But don’t worry, even as she is going through her divorce, she has lined up her next husband. While the story itself wasn’t bad, I couldn’t get past the main character. I suspected her husband was hiding something from the very beginning, but I didn’t see the twist coming until later. I did happen to figure it out a bit before, but not completely. Bryn (the narrator) literally didn’t like anyone. Everyone was out to get her, blah blah blah. She also naps and socializes all the time, setting up lunches and brunches, then going for a walk and napping afterwards, never actually working on anything. I find it hard to believe that’s the life of a successful author. Anyway, I obviously have a lot of problems with the narrator which made it extremely hard for me to enjoy the book, but The Secrets You Keep was a good, quick read. Took me less than a day. I’m truthfully not sure I can suggest it. If you do want to give it a try, here’s the link!


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