Book Review: The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

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Book Review:

I really wanted to love The Lying Game. I’ve heard a lot of hype around it, and I had built it up to something that it just didn’t quite meet. It was a slow psychological thriller about a group of friends who experienced something horrible when they were young. We follow Isa primarily, a woman who recently had a child. The group of friends met at a boarding school and created a game called The Lying Game, hence the title of the book.

The Lying Game had five rules, which the book separated out into parts.

  1. Tell a lie
  2. Stick to your story
  3. Don’t get caught
  4. Never lie to each other
  5. Know when to stop lying

It’s an interesting concept. Of course, as teenagers, they didn’t really think of the possible outcomes of their lies. Flash forward to the present, and Isa is remembering the lies she spewed when she was young, and realizing just how far they reached. I liked the constant theme of the idea that what you lie about in your childhood can follow you to your adulthood, and the friendships created during this game were close, unbreakable to a point of fault. However, it just didn’t captivate me.

I tried and wanted to finish The Lying Game for so long, but I could put it down and forget about it for weeks at a time. It was slow. It built tension well, but nothing that had me flipping pages faster, dying to find out what happened next. There were some parts that didn’t seem to fit or add to the story, parts I’m still trying to figure out why they were in the novel at all.

Overall, it was a good read. The characters were well-written, the plot was interesting, the ending was relatively satisfying. It was a good book, but it wasn’t great. I found myself, like I said, laying it down and then forgetting about it. It didn’t call me back to it. It was a bit slow for my taste, and my attention drifted. I do think it was very well-written, just not quite the pace I’ve grown accustomed to reading.


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