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Book Review: The Blinds by Adam Sternbergh


“If you want to keep a secret, you must also keep it from yourself.” –The Blinds

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If you could forget the worst thing you’ve ever done or witnessed at the price of three simple rules, would you do it? 1. No visitors 2. No Contact 3. No return. The Blinds is a city in the middle of nowhere experimenting on subjects losing the memory of the crime they committed, or in the innocents case, the crime they witnessed, and starting new in a utopia of sorts. No money. No crime. Only living. Until recently of course. There has been one suicide, and one murder. Life in The Blinds just got complicated.

I absolutely am in love with the concept and the plot of this novel. The pace was extremely well set, I didn’t want to put this book down and I carried it with me “just in case” I had some time to read. The characters were complex, and missing a part of their memories. This can take it’s toll on people, and many people living in The Blinds struggled with not knowing. Are they innocent? Guilty? And if they were guilty, what did they do? What did their previous self do to end up in the middle of nowhere, forgetting the past. Does removing memories also remove the criminal instinct some of them have? The concept of The Blinds is absolutely brilliant. Kudos to Sternbergh!

I rated it down one star simply because I felt like the execution of the story could have been more enjoyable with different narrative. It ended up playing out well, but there isn’t one constant character the novel follows. You knew everything about everyone, and some of the stories seemed unnecessary and didn’t add a whole lot to the overall plot of The Blinds. Also, the fact that you knew it all from all the characters’ perspectives blew some big opportunities for twists that would have been mind-blowing if the reader was following just one character closely the entire time, knowing only what they knew.

Overall, The Blinds was a very enjoyable read. The characters were well developed, the concept is unbeatable and super interesting, and the execution of the story was good, especially with how it ended. I suggest this one if you’re looking for a story that is unique and something fresh. It really makes you think a lot about how memories influence your life, and how each thing you’ve experienced makes you who you are today.