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Book Review: P.S. From Paris by Marc Levy


“One day, I’m going to live in theory, because in theory everything goes perfectly.”

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I loved everything about this book. It’s funny, it’s refreshing, it’s heartwarming. P.S. From Paris is an outstanding read! Levy knows his characters and wrote this woman so well. Normally, I am so wary of male authors for the simple fact that they can’t seem to nail women characters… Levy got Mia and Daisy, in my opinion, spot on. I even highlighted some of the things she said and did because it was so refreshing and honest.

Mia is a movie star married to her co-star. He cheats on her, and she moves to Paris where her best friend Daisy lives for a “fresh start.” Some of what she does infuriates me, as she can be selfish at times and wrapped up in herself. It also infuriates other people, like Daisy, who isn’t afraid to call her out for being a bit selfish at times. Mia is lost and in transition mode, just having separated from her famous husband, and through a funny turn of events, some might call it fate, she meets Paul.

Paul is a writer, and his character is awkward, nervous, and witty. Exactly how I would expect a writer like him to be! Him and Mia, while both struggling with recent/current relationships, embark on a beautiful friendship. They have quite the time getting to know each other, and their friendship grows each time they see each other. They have some charming inside jokes and claim every date they go on “doesn’t count” and has “no strings attached”, as they don’t want to just be rebounding. Understandable, of course. I would have liked to learn a little more about the ex-husband and Paul’s long-distance lover and have more character development around them, but that’s the only thing I feel could have possibly added to P.S. From Paris. 

A truly engaging, lovely story of transition and change, P.S. From Paris explores many different types of relationships and tells a heartwarming tale of two people in a time of transition. It’s a quick read, I read it within a day, and it enraptured me from the beginning to the end. Levy writes beautifully, I felt as if I was inserted into another person’s life for four hours, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I wouldn’t consider myself a heavy romantic comedy reader, but I may have to reconsider that and start reading them more often!