Book Review: Tell No Lies by Tanya Anne Crosby

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Book Review

First, I must note that this is a second book, but I think it could stand well on it’s own. Crosby wrote Speak No Evil, first, and you can read my review on that here. As a recap, I rated that book a 3/5 because it built up to a terrible ending in which you were left wondering if they even caught the right guy.

Luckily, Tell No Lies cleared up my ending woes. It also can be read as a standalone book, because Crosby was smart to craft this novel from another sister’s point of view. The first chunk of this book is essentially a recap of the first novel, Speak No Evil, but it is told from a different sister’s point of view so it was a refreshing twist on the story I already knew.

This one, I would say, is more shocking, with larger twists, and a much more satisfying ending. I had already built rapport with the characters as of a couple of days ago when I read Speak No Evil, so the character development just added on to what I already knew, which was nice. It added layers of complexity, and I grew to know a sister that was largely overlooked in the first book.

Now, the true killer didn’t come as exactly a surprise to me, but I definitely like how it developed, and I loved how many juicy secrets crept out during this book! It was well written, fast-paced, and more enjoyable than the first. Tell No Lies also started out with a raunchy little scene, in which I was like, oookaaay Tanya, I see you girl!

I did have just one major problem with it, which is why I rated it down a star. The main love relationship really annoyed me. Augusta and Ian basically fell in love at first sight in the last book, which by the sound of it, anyone would fall in love with Ian at first sight. Anyway, she pays 150,000 to get him out of jail after maybe two actual conversations with the guy. Then, Ian falls in love with her, which I guess I would too if someone paid my 150k bail money. Anyway, the whole relationship was really rushed and honestly bordered on the line of obnoxious. I believe in infatuation, but these two really dove head first. I think Crosby was trying to make it seem like an explanation of character with Augusta, but come on.

The other problem I had is that the killers MO was never truly explained. I can’t dive into analyzing this one too much because it would give some things away, but I just hated that loose end that didn’t really seem tied up in Tell No Lies. There is one more book, Leave No Trace, which I may just have to read soon.


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