Book Review: Moxyland by Lauren Beukes

I found this book on a list. One of those blog posts that says If You Liked ____, You’ll Love These! And it was if you liked Black Mirror on Netflix. Which I loved, by the way. So, although it is also not something I’d normally pick up and read, I was like, “Sure, I’ll bite.”

And boy, I’m glad I did. It took me a while to figure out how the stories really went together. The characters are rich, the setting is inventive, and the world they live in is terrible. Terrible, chaotic and futuristic. I feel as if I can’t tell much without giving things away, but wow. The dynamic of citizens vs those in charge is outstanding. What happens is soul-wrenching. This is one of those books that stays with you. It’s symbolic and powerful. 

The story is told from different characters. You have Kendra, who just signed up for a high-tech sponsorship. Lerato, who works for “the man” but has a hacker-genius vibe to her. Lerato is definitely my favorite character. She’s smart, really sassy, and super arrogant. That’s a role that is just refreshing to see women be in. Then there’s Toby, a blogger and womanizer. Finally, there’s Tendeka, who believes in the cause of the citizens and is protesting the government. 

What happens to each of these characters is unique. Each one is in a very different place of their life and tells the story dystopian society extremely well together. 

Highly recommend this book!! And if you read it, contact me because I’m dying to talk about it. 


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