Book Review: The Sweet Dreams Bake Shop by J.A. Whiting

I will admit, I chose this book for two reasons: 1. It was free and 2. It was under 200 pages and looked like an easy, quick read. I wanted to be able to read it today so I could finish my goal of 50 books this year, which I am proud to say I DID IT! So thank you Sweet Dreams Bake Shop for allowing this to happen. 

Anyway the book itself was about what I expected from the cover (which reminds me of some of the silly story apps I play because I get way too sucked into them). It was a light, cozy mystery. I had the motive and person pegged from the very beginning which was surprising because I literally never get them right. However, it was still a fun light read. I keep mentioning light because it is not a book you’ll want to read if you’re in a deep pensive mood. It’s one of the books you read when you’re just looking for a quick flick to get you through a rainy couple of hours. 

There was a slight paranormal touch to this story and another mystery was left unsolved-so I’m interested to see what happens next. I’ll definitely be reading the next book in the series because I’m curious and because it was an enjoyable couple of hours spent reading this book. I would compare it to watching a hallmark or lifetime movie, which I do all the time so no shame in my game. 

Anyway. I don’t think I’ll be finishing another book until next year. Happy New Year and I’ll post again in 2017! 


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