Book Review: The Good Neighbor by A.J. Banner

I wasn’t totally impressed with this book. Something about the style and descriptions really annoyed me. The main character would note every detail about someone from the brand they were wearing to the scent they put off. But at the same time she was never sure about it. She really seemed obsessed with what people were wearing and what they smelled like. Did he smell like sage or rosemary? Definitely sage. Maybe. Definitely some kind of herb at least. Were those Prada shoes she’s wearing? Or were they Gucci? I’m exaggerating a little here but if you read the book you’ll get where I’m going with it. 

Also the characters-all of them but the handyman and the abusive boyfriend- were “perfect”, with the rare ability to be wearing jeans and a tee and look “elegant” at the same time. They were all “miracle workers” but modestly said it was NBD. 

I’m still trying to figure out why one part of the storyline was put in there. I think it was exclusively to introduce another suspect, but it didn’t seem like a vital part of the story. Also Johnny, the main character’s wife, was an annoying character. Every woman obsessed over him and wanted to be with him forever. That irritated me to no end because it’s basically insuiating that if there’s a handsome doctor women can’t stop themselves from falling in love, whether he’s married or they are married…maybe I’m reading too much into it but it really did seem that way! Sarah, however, was cautious and took a whole 18 months of knowing Johnny before saying she’d marry him so thank goodness someone has their head on sort of straight in this book. Except for some reason Sarah seemed to know nothing of Johnny’s past and distrusted him throughout the book. 

Overall, it was a quick read at under 200 pages. If you’re bored one afternoon, I wouldn’t try and stop you from reading it. It’s not a bad storyline. The characters just aren’t flawed or realistic enough for my liking. They just seem very surface-level and too…ideal. 


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