Book Review: Maud’s Line by Margaret Verble

This book takes place is the 1920’s in Oklahoma. Maud is the main character, she is mixed white and Cherokee. Her mother had passed away from a snake bite when she was younger, so she only lives with her father, Mustard, and her brother, Lovely. 

The book follows Maud’s family and romantic life. It is refreshing historical fiction and gives a view of what life was like so many years ago. Maud is a wonderful character, written very beautifully. She is believable because she has some flaws, yet she is so strong. She yearns to leave her quaint home and to learn what the world holds. 

Maud meets a peddler from another town named Booker and falls in love. Then, something happens (I won’t say what) and he leaves. He did leave her a letter but it gets destroyed before she can read it. Time passes and she falls back into a relationship with a local boy. She is open about her sexuality through the book. 

I found this book refreshing. It was like escaping our time period and going to another. It was extremely interesting to envision a place so close to home so long ago. St. Louis was even given a shout out at one point! I give this book a 3.5/5. It could be slow at some points, but overall it was very good!


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