Book Review: No One Knows

I signed up for a club called Book of the Month. They pick out a couple of different books that are apparently really good but maybe under-appreciated, or just not found easily. Then you pick which ones you want to read and they ship them out to you. It’s a great concept! Anyway, my first month was this month so I chose the suspense/thriller novel (of course): No One Knows by J.T. Ellison. 

Oh my goodness I was absolutely enthralled in this book. I switched to a bigger purse so I could carry it around, I went on lunch breaks to read it, I actually stayed up past midnight reading it (which is unusual for me). It is an amazing book and written so incredibly well, with every piece falling into place as the book goes on. 

Basically, there are two childhood sweethearts and they get married. The man goes missing. How and why? We don’t know. So, the book goes into detail of their relationship and lives in the past, what happened five years ago when he went missing, and goes into detail about the present day. But, how it is written is truly outstanding. It jumps around, but in the absolute best possible way. I’m not sure how she decided where to fit each piece of the story in but it is absolutely perfect. It will go from five years ago to twelve years ago to present day…normally I am not a fan of books that do that but this was constructed, well, beautifully really! 

The storyline is fantastic, the author is fantastic, the characters draw you in, and it’s truly one of those books that will give you a lot to think about. I couldn’t get it off my mind. I even read it while waiting to get in a restaurant with my fiancé. Yup, pulled it right out of my purse and read while he was sitting there shaking his head at me. 

Anyway, I highly recommend this book! I give it a five out of five! 


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