Book Review: Bride of a Distant Isle

When I saw there was another Sandra Byrd novel, I stopped all I was doing at the moment and purchased it. Her last novel, Mist of Midnight, was perhaps one of my favorite reads. This one did not disappoint me!

Annabel is a strong English woman who had a mother who went to an insane asylum and a father who she did not know. For all purposes, she was an illegitamate child and therefore lost her inheritance, and was at the mercy of her cousin who wasn’t the greatest guy. That’s the gist of the book but I won’t go into any further details to ruin it!

The themes in this book really were wonderful. Byrd seems to have a tendency to pull other cultures in her book which fascinates me. This time the other culture was Maltese and it is very refreshing to read about it. 

Another theme that was constant through the book is insanity. It was enthralling to read about historical takes on insanity. It covered how it is caused and proven, what happens after it is proven, how people treated the insane, and the asylum. This aspect of the book fascinated me. 

I love how romance is definitely in her books so far, but it doesn’t seem to be the 100% main focus. I do love a good romance, don’t get me wrong, but it’s refreshing to read a romance that isn’t all about the couple!

I highly recommend this book and give it five out of five stars!

On a side note…. There was one part of this book that seemed to really hit me hard. There was a point where Marco (Annabel’s love interest) was talking to Annabel and telling her how good she is at things and how she’s been so many places and seems to fit everywhere. To this, Annabel responds that if you fit everywhere, you truly belong nowhere. True, this is just one small conversation of the book but it kept me thinking for days and still does. For me being a 20-something trying to figure out where I want to go in life and dabbling a little bit of everywhere but not landing anywhere, that quote was powerful. I will continue to ponder it for a while, I’m sure!


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