Book Review: Catching Air

I’m all about the bargains-but I know that the bargain books won’t always be great, so I try to pick them pretty carefully. This book was one of my picks from the Barnes and Nobel bargain section. As soon as I started it, I could already tell it was going to be a great book. 

It starts out telling the story of one woman, Dawn. Then it moves to Kira and Alyssa, who are sister-in-laws that fall into living together with their husbands. Each woman is phenomenally different from the other but all characters that are realistic and believable. Each woman is battling her own fears and life decisions. 

Not only does the author paint a realistic picture of these women’s personalities and characters, she really dives into the complexity of their relationships. This might be what I like best about the book. Each woman has some type of relationship, and every relationship has its problems. This is spectacular writing to me; it shows the complexity of relationships and how they aren’t always 100% perfect. The author explains the relationships in such a sense that you realize they happen for a reason.  Just like in life, you choose that person for a reason. You choose them for various reasons, some may work out and some may not, but there’s a reason. There’s always a deeper meaning behind the decision of choosing to share your life with that person. 

This book does not only weave the stories of three very different women together, it also pulls you into their lives. This was one of those books where I was sitting at work wondering what could possibly happen next and dying to go home and read more. I absolutely loved this book and would highly recommend it. I give it 5/5 stars. I always like a book that doesn’t dwell on the “happily ever after” aspect of stories, but rather the realistic ever after, some of which may be happy, others not so much. Either way, these women are inspiring and strong and I want to read more about their lives. I’m going to research if there is a sequel now, and if there isn’t I’m going to read more by Sarah Pekkanen! 


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