Book Review: Echoes in the Mist

This book was recommended to me by a website based upon other books I’ve read. While it contained romance and a mystery, two things I do indeed enjoy, it was really far from my normal read. 

The book begins with a bitter man, Trenton, who is determined to ruin a family and do whatever it takes to have vengeance. Ariana is a part of that family, although she was too young for him to know it once he started hating them. I don’t consider this a spoiler because it happens in the very beginning, but Trenton finds out Ariana is part of the Caldwell family he despises so much and convinces the queen to write a royal edict demanding that Ariana marry Trenton, his way of taking everything from her brother who he hates. 

So, that’s kind of where I began disliking the book. It is highly unlikely that this would occur. Not only that, but Ariana grew up under her brothers care, and her brother hates Trenton. Within the first day of their marriage, Ariana is trusting to him and kind and falls in love with him less than a month in. I really think that if you were raised hearing that this man caused your sister’s death, you wouldn’t trust and fall in love with him right away. 

She’s too naive and too trusting in my opinion, almost to a fault. The author made these characters have extremely one sided personalities except for Trenton; he changes dramatically throughout the book, a little too quickly really. 

Also, in the beginning of the book there are quite erotic scenes, starting at the wedding night and happening quite often. The last half doesn’t have nearly as many. 

But, once you accept that it is far-fetched and written kind of as a guilty pleasure, it really isn’t that bad. The storyline is actually quite good and there is a twist at the end that you wouldn’t have seen coming. 

I’m giving this book a 2/5. I believe it was a pretty good book but only as a “guilty pleasure” read. 


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