Book Review: The Widow

I read this book because it has been compared with Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train, both of which I enjoyed immensely. This one definitely turned out to be a psychological thriller, but one of an entirely different nature.

Jean’s husband dies in an accident. She has always been somewhat docile and under his control, as they married young and he steered their lives along firmly. Jean trusted her husband blindly and listened to everything he said, even as he spent a lot of time on the computer and lost his job at the bank.

The book follows Jean and her husbands story along and ties in the story of a young missing girl, Bella, her mom, and the police and press interested in the story.

Reading this title takes a lot of attention: the times jump around along with the stories and the narration. One minute it will be when Bella was first taken and following the police around, the next it will be years after and following the reporter around. It does weave an intricate story and the way it is done ties together and makes sense, but it requires more attention to detail.

I didn’t like one of the themes of this book and I wouldn’t have read it if only I would have known it was a large part of the book (which is likely my fault for not doing research on it beforehand). It talked quite a bit about child pornography and that was something that I would really not rather read about. It was never extremely graphic in detail but there were a few characters who were heavily involved in it.

Finally, I was not at all satisfied with the ending. It left me wanting more and at then end I was thinking “that’s all I get?” During the read I was trying to think ahead to what may happen but unfortunately I was left disappointed.

This book had very high ratings from other people. While I do appreciate how it was written uniquely, I am only going to rate it 2/5. I wouldn’t read it again-but I encourage you to give it a chance if you like psychological thrillers, as many did enjoy this book.



  1. That seems a shame, but does sound interesting!


    1. I was let down! I heard such good things about it and had very high expectations. Ah well, worth a try at least.

      Liked by 1 person

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